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My application works fine on my personnal computer, now it's time to deploy !

I try from several hours to deploy my Rails 2 application to a mutualized server. I precise I have not so much permissions on the server, but the vendor says I can run Rails applications.

My config/environment.rb contains 8 config.gem. This is what I got when I run "script/console production" (the real list is the 8 gems)

Missing these required gems:
  will_paginate  = 2.3.16

But I just installed this gems !

# gem list -l will_paginate
  *** LOCAL GEMS ***
  will_paginate (2.3.16)

I don't know where the bug can be... Here is some complementary informations:

# which ruby
# which gem

I have some pre-defined folders related to Rails on my home (~):

~/ruby/gems/ (with bin, cache, doc, gems and specifications subfolders)
~/ruby/gems/gems/will_paginate-2.3.16/ << my gem !

This is my first deploy and I don't know what to check...

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"It works on my computer" is a common problem in any technology....

I'm new to Ruby and discovered two invaluable tools for managing my development and subsequent production environments:

Doesn't solve your immediate issue, but perhaps might be helpful in re-creating your development setup.

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My application works already in a RVM, with the same Ruby/Rails configuration than the server. Bundler is only here to automatically install gems from the config file ; gems are installed but not linked in ruby execution. –  ForgetTheNorm Feb 28 '13 at 8:27
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I found the solution in this page : http://www.redmine.org/boards/2/topics/5673

The GEM_PATH was not the right one. So I add this line to my config/environment.rb, everything works perfectly !

ENV['GEM_PATH'] = '/home/xxx/ruby/gems'
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