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Our ios app records to wav, then that can be uploaded to Soundcloud. As recordings can be 5mins, thats 50 meg, so upload is slow. is there any Obj C code for ios that compresses eg to AAC or IM4 which we could use? Iphone 4 and up can do hardware/optimised audio compression apparently.

on the old SC API discussion, a coder called Steve discussed this and said he had got it to work, so looks like its possible.!msg/soundcloudapi/2TxziUEPDwA/idJHmXJKlj0J

thanks Matt Black

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It is possible - see my question and later answer here: Recording to AAC from RemoteIO: data is getting written but file unplayable.

I forget the filesize numbers right now but I recall they were pretty good. Performance was also good (on 2nd gen iPad).

I didn't do anything with uploading it to SoundCloud (would be interested know how that goes).

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thanks for the hints TOD, we will check it out. – Matt Black Feb 28 '13 at 23:59

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