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I'm facing a problem with the IPython prompt.

Every time after I run scripts using %run, I get a prompt with lots of strange chars, on top of others, making it practically illegible. I think those chars refer to formatting/colours of the prompt.

Here's a print of it: asd

It should print just In [5]:

I find out this problem only happens when on Gnome Terminal. Using one of the ttys doesn't give me that behaviour.

So, what must be the cause? In those scripts, the only thing related to printing formatting I can think of is the encoding comment on top (UTF-8).

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Can you post one of the scripts you run that causes this? –  minrk Feb 27 '13 at 18:32
I just found where the issue lies. In those scripts I set a different object to sys.stdout and sys.stderr for log purposes. Code on pastebin. As I coded it with Python interpreter in mind, those variables are not reverted back at script exit. In IPython it means Logger objects still set until I exit IPython. OK, but any idea why that formatting behaviour? And how would you suggest me to change back those variables in case of an error raise on the script? –  user2115518 Feb 28 '13 at 17:25

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