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Hi I'm trying to to do the following with php and html: I have a form that submits time() and stores it as the variable TIMESTAMP in $POST, the next time the form is submitted a new variable is posted called DELAY, which is time()-TIMESTAMP. The process seems to work, but my problem appears to the PHP time() function seems to be a bit fluttery.

I can submit the form every lets say 3 secs and sometimes DELAY = 3 as it should other times its not correct like say 7 secs or even 12 secs. How can I get the time() function to be more accurate when returning the current time?

I need to use the delay in an MySQL query that is only executed when the delay is greater than 15 secs

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I've never seen time() behave fluttery. Have you accounted for network overhead? – Mike B Feb 27 '13 at 13:57
How exactly are you ensuring that the function is called exactly every 3 seconds? – deceze Feb 27 '13 at 14:02
Do you reset you TIMESTAMP after each submit? I mean, if you don't, the second delay will be calcultaed between now and the first timestamp, wich could get you a 7sec then 12sec delay – pistou Feb 27 '13 at 14:03

This is surely not php time() related.

If you're running on a virtual machine, you can experience time drifts if host is not configured properly. Check if this is the case.

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i hope this code help you

function DifTime($T1,$T2){
         $years   = floor($diff / (365*60*60*24)); 
         $months  = floor(($diff - $years * 365*60*60*24) / (30*60*60*24)); 
         $days    = floor(($diff - $years * 365*60*60*24 - $months*30*60*60*24)/ (60*60*24));
         $hours   = floor(($diff - $years * 365*60*60*24 - $months*30*60*60*24 - $days*60*60*24)/ (60*60)); 
         $minuts  = floor(($diff - $years * 365*60*60*24 - $months*30*60*60*24 - $days*60*60*24 - $hours*60*60)/ 60); 
         $seconds = floor(($diff - $years * 365*60*60*24 - $months*30*60*60*24 - $days*60*60*24 - $hours*60*60 - $minuts*60)); 
         return array('Day'=>$days,'Month'=>$months,'Year'=>$years,'Hours'=>$hours,'Minuts'=>$minuts,'Seconds'=>$seconds);


  printf("%d:%d:%d:%d", $Data['Day'], $Data['Hours'], $Data['Minuts'], $Data['Seconds']);


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