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In the column [Return rate], I have values like :


In my query, I want to use this values in a calculation.

So first, I replace the '%' by an empty string '' :

REPLACE([Return Rate], '%' ,'') AS [Test]

This works, and I get values like '20.0' when [Return rate] was '20.0%'.

Then I try to use this [Test] value in a calculation, for instance:

(REPLACE([Return Rate], '%' ,'') * 10) AS [Test]

But I logically obtain an error, so I try to convert this text value to perform my calculation:

CAST ( REPLACE([Current Xelus FE Return Rate], '%' ,'') AS decimal(2,1))  [Decimal Test]

And it's here that I get the error:

Arithmetic overflow error converting varchar to data type numeric.
Warning: Null value is eliminated by an aggregate or other SET operation.

Has someone the answer to this error? Thanks a lot,

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If any of your rows contain null values, you will get this error. Try an IsNull, like this:

  REPLACE([Current Xelus FE Return Rate], '%' ,'') 
 , '0.0')
AS decimal(5,1))  [Decimal Test]

If your data contains non-numeric values (as you mentioned, values like 'N/A'), you can elimimate them with the IsNumeric() function:

  CASE WHEN IsNumeric(
      REPLACE([Current Xelus FE Return Rate], '%' ,'') 
    , '0.0')
  ) = 1 THEN IsNull(REPLACE([Current Xelus FE Return Rate], '%' ,''),'0.0')
  ELSE '0.0' 
AS decimal(5,1))  [Decimal Test]
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Thanks all, but it's seems that NULL values and others (like 'N/A') are the cause of this issue. Do someone know how if there is a SQL or T-SQL function that verify if the value in parameters is a numeric value? (for instance I will be able to make a special case for values like 'N/A' etc). –  lour Feb 27 '13 at 14:24

Try casting it to FLOAT - decimal(2,1) is not enough:

CAST ( REPLACE([Current Xelus FE Return Rate], '%' ,'') AS FLOAT)

Then you should be able to do further calculations

CAST ( REPLACE([Current Xelus FE Return Rate], '%' ,'') AS FLOAT) * 10
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Float should not be used if you are planning to use calculations, You will get rounding errors. –  HLGEM Feb 27 '13 at 15:15

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