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How can i create and publish my own gem file like jar file in java.

Any link or walk through or tutorial of steps to accomplish this task.

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I have searched a lot but did not get proper steps. Got some links but as i am mostly a java developer i could not understand much. If you have steps to create gem of hello world or a+b program then you can share. – user1881251 Feb 27 '13 at 14:22

Check out this railscast And this rubygems tutorial

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You likely want to use bueller. It creates gemspec file for you and then you are only to execute gem build YOUGEMSPEC.gemspec:

~ bueller PROJECT --summary "PROJECT SUMMARY" \
                  --user-name "" --user-email "" \
                  --github-username "" \
                  --homepage ""
# bueller’s output
~ gem build PROJECT.gemspec
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