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I am trying to get to know the pgAdmin debugger and am fairly new to PostgreSQL. I don't know if the behavior I'm seeing is because of a mistake I am making or simply because of limitations in the debugger.

At the top of my function I've declared two variables:

   declare tuple record;
   declare buffer text;

In the body of my function I am trying to iterate the rows in temporary table TT_CALENDAR, so it would be possible to examine the contents of the temporary table in the Locals window:

for tuple in
  select startdate, enddate from TT_CALENDAR
   buffer := concat(buffer, tuple.startdate::text, tuple.enddate::text,'|');
  end loop;

 buffer :='';

Breakpoints are set at buffer := concat(... and at the line buffer :=''; and program execution stops there as expected, but as soon as we exit the loop and arrive at buffer :=''; the string value vanishes from the Locals window.

Why would buffer's displayed value vanish from the Locals window when we exit the loop before buffer :=''; is executed? It's as if the variable has gone out of scope.

P.S. Is there a configuration setting that would cause long values to wrap in the Locals window Value cell?

Thank you

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This really sounds like a bug with the debugger. I would generally recommend following up on the pgadmin email lists and alert the developers to this problem.

There is no reason I know that the variables would be out of scope so it sounds to me like it is a bug in the debugger itself.

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Thanks for the reply. I will follow up on pgadmin. I gather they don't frequent this establishment :-) –  Tim May 1 '13 at 11:53

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