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I am required to enter a word/sentence into a text box and then print out what I have input, however when I have a special character it will print out my fillPolygon shape. I have used an array to try and replace the character with the polygon using an If statement, however I keep on getting the error message:

[line: 49]  Error: method drawH in class Stringpoly cannot be applied to given types;  required: java.awt.Graphics,int,int  found:
java.awt.Graphics,int[],int[]  reason: actual argument int[] cannot be
converted to int by method invocation conversion
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Please don't include "Thank you in advance" in your question. Our style focuses on the question, not on pleasantries. – Doorknob Feb 27 '13 at 14:08
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You need to have int array arguments in your drawH method to match the values being passed in. Replace

public void drawH(Graphics g, int xpoints, int ypoints)


public void drawH(Graphics g, int[] xpoints, int[] ypoints)

Another error is:

The arguments for drawString do not match any available versions of the method:


Look at the docs for this method. You need something like

g.drawString(new String(pr_charArray), xpos, ypos);

Another issue is that you don't instantiate or add the pr_text TextField in init. You could do:

pr_text = new TextField(20);

Some Side Notes:

  • Java uses camel-case which would make pr_text prText
  • AWT is incredibly old. Consider using the lightweight Swing graphics library.

There are some layout issues to sort out - I will leave this as an exercise :)

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Thank you, I have changed the code, and it now compiles, however when I enter text within the compiler lines and lines of red error messages appear? Do you have any ideas? Thanks – barryspikebob Feb 27 '13 at 14:24

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