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I have some integration tests (with Selenium) which are run with failsafe maven plugin. Failsafe generates XML reports files only.

1) I want to generate HTML reports

2) I want to have a link in Jenkins to the html reports

For the 1) I installed the "maven-surefire-report-plugin" to use the failsafe-report-only goal.


But in the standard output, nothing seems to be generated :

[INFO] >>> maven-surefire-report-plugin:2.13:failsafe-report-only (default) @ BaseContrats >>>
[INFO] <<< maven-surefire-report-plugin:2.13:failsafe-report-only (default) @ BaseContrats <<<
[INFO] --- maven-surefire-report-plugin:2.13:failsafe-report-only (default) @ BaseContrats ---

In my failsafe-reports directory, I have only XML report files but not the HTML ones.

Is it the good plugin to generate html reports for failsafe?

For the 2), I installed the Jenkins plugin "Selenium HTML report" and added the post build action "Publish Selenium HTML report" and configured it with "target/failsafe-reports" value for "Selenium tests results location" parameter, but nothing is displayed in Jenkins interface (surely because my html reports file are not generated...).

Could you help me for these 2 points?

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Please don't include "Regards." in your question. Our style focuses on the question, not on pleasantries. – Doorknob Feb 27 '13 at 14:09
Speak for yourself - that was definitely not a very pleasant greeting. I'll try again. Hi Clem, welcome to SO. +1 for a well-formatted, clear question - and I for one appreciate the pleasantries. – Steve Sep 6 '13 at 7:54
I think the Maven "site" plugin will generate HTML reports for you want them, right? Either that or I do know that jenkins can do it as long as you set the Junit plugin filter to locate the test output files in the right location. – djangofan Jun 18 '15 at 22:29

Answer for the part 1) to generate HTML reports for Failsafe.

Add the following to pom.xml


I am assuming you are using mvn verify to run the integration tests using failsafe-plugin. By default, this generates the (*.txt & .xml) reports in {basedir}/target/failsafe-reports. This should be specified in . You can point to any directory which has TEST-.xml reports.

And then run the cmd

mvn site

This would generate html reports for the Failsafe run integration tests. By default, The files would be in {basedir}/target/site/failsafe-report.html. This location be changed.

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