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I'm creating a graph with a TreeView. Below is a screen shot. So far everything is done with styling. I'm setting the TreeView's ItemsPanel to a horizontal StackPanel. (The paper clips are just place holders for items without an image.)

Screen shot of tree view graph

Notice the bottom level children are Leaves. They do not have any children themselves.

Here is the question: I want those items to go into a separate WrapPanel. The problem is an item can obviously have children with children and children without children (Branches and Leaves). The ItemsPanel still needs to be a StackPanel so you get a nice horizontal layout. But the last control in the StackPanel needs to be a WrapPanel with all of the childless children.

This is a screen shot I pieced together to show the Leaves in a WrapPanel.

Screen shot of tree view with wrap panel

Things I have tried

I've tried to create my own items panel converter, but that converts the entire items panel to a wrap panel.

I've tried to just add a separate tree view to the ItemTemplate and bind it to a separate collection, but that is not the correct look.

Something I haven't tried

The WrapPanel I'm talking about is almost like a branch. But the branch itself is empty, but contains children. Maybe I could change the style of the node based on a property. Then instead of showing a picture or whatever, it's data template would be a WrapPanel

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Can you post the xaml of your treeview? What about use a style trigger fired on #_of_children == 0 or fired on a property of your model called IsLeaf or similar. On trigger fired you change the ItemsPanel. – michele Feb 27 '13 at 14:24
that's fine @michele, so then what? A leaf won't use an items panel anyways. A leaf is in an items panel though. But I can't simply change the items panel for the parent. The parent basically needs 2 items panels. One for branches and one for leaves. – Jesse Seger Feb 27 '13 at 15:12
@michele you made me think of something though. What if made flag on a node like "IsLeafCollection" and it would change the items panel to a WrapPanel. Let me see. – Jesse Seger Feb 27 '13 at 15:16
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I figured it out.

  1. I looped through my hierarchical data set and made some changes. For each branch, I removed its leaves and added them to a new node. Then I add the node back to the branch. It sort of creates a place holder.

  2. The node contains a property called "IsLeafCollection". It just verifies that each of its children do not have any children.

  3. I have a data trigger that binds to IsLeafCollection. If it is true, then it changes the items panel to a wrap panel.

Below is a screen shot of the final outcome.

Screen shot of tree view

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