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I am trying to use HSQL for testing. In production, the code runs against a DB2 database. I would like to turn on the DB2 syntax of HSQL and run the production SQL against it (or as much of it as possible).

According to the documentation, in DB2 syntax mode, the nextval for expression is supported.

I've turned on DB2 syntax mode both with the connection property, sql.syntax_db2=true, and with:

set database sql syntax db2 true;

However, I am not able to use nextval for, though the syntax next value for works correctly:

values (next value for test_seq); -- returns the next value
values (nextval for test_seq); -- results in an error

The error is:

Error: user lacks privilege or object not found: NEXTVAL
SQLState:  42501
ErrorCode: -5501

Am I not correctly activating DB2 syntax mode, or am I doing something else wrong? I am logged in as SA, so can it be a privilege issue?

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There is a mistake in the documentation. The DUAL table is supported the same way as in Oracle syntax, but NEXTVAL is an Oracle form used as test_seq.NEXTVAL.

The DB2 supports NEXT VALUE FOR test_seq and allows NEXTVAL as an alternative to NEXT VALUE. This will be supported in the next release of HSQLDB.

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Thanks for your clear answer. – objectuser Feb 27 '13 at 20:11
do you support WITH UR? because i get error even i set db2 syntax – Adem İlhan May 2 at 12:51
not in version 2.3.3. may support it in the next version – fredt May 2 at 17:51

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