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I currently use: to manually convert DOS CSVs to UNIX. Just wondering if there's a ruby function for the CSV library that I'm missing? And / or if it's possible build a quick script / Monkey Patch.

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gsub(/\r/,'') will remove the carriage returns from any string. – Richard Brown Feb 27 '13 at 15:03

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Yes. The CSV docs say:

The String appended to the end of each row. This can be set to the special :auto setting, which requests that CSV automatically discover this from the data. Auto-discovery reads ahead in the data looking for the next "\r\n", "\n", or "\r" sequence.

:auto is the default, so you should be able to feed your DOS CSV to Ruby unmodified.

However, if you want to convert to UNIX line endings:

str.gsub(/\r\n/, "\n")
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