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I have two divs and two buttons:

<div id="container">
    <div id="items"></div>
<div id="up"></div>
<div id="down"></div>

How to continuously scroll '#items' until user releases the button? I tried using jquery mousedown event and animate function but couldn't make it to work.

$("#items").animate({"top": "+=10px"}, "fast");

The code above moves the div just once. I want to achieve continuous animation until the button is released. Thanks for your help!

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Please, try this:

var scrolling = false;

    	scrolling = true;
    	startScrolling($("#items"), "-=10px");
    	scrolling = false;

function startScrolling(obj, param)
    obj.animate({"top": param}, "fast", function(){
    	if (scrolling)
    		startScrolling(obj, param);
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This works except you will get a js error that obj.animate is not a function on mouseup. A cleaner way to do this and avoid the js error is: if (!scrolling) { obj.stop(); } else { obj.animate({"top": param}, "fast", function(){ if (scrolling) { startScrolling(obj, param); } }); } –  Mark Nov 23 '09 at 21:42
I made a fiddle that incorporates @fedosov's answer with Mark's additional input, along with some modifications of my own :D –  Jesse Dupuy Mar 24 at 0:25
@JesseDupuy how does one button scroll up and the other down? It looks like you have only teached them to scroll down! –  Marian Rick Apr 15 at 15:43

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