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I want to manage a database with various fields of information for each person in that database. I need to edit one of the fields regularly for each individual.

I'm pretty good with HTML, CSS and Javascript, so I decided to create a local web page to do it.

So far I've got the web page with a table to serve as an example of the final version.

What do I need to do to:

a) Create a database (with MySQL I assume) b) Make my table fetch the data from the database when I load the web page c) Be able to change a value in the web page, hit submit, and make the changes on the Database, so I actually have a Database. (php I assume)

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And what is the question? You have a plan, just do it. If something will be wrong, then you will do it in other way. – Serge Kuharev Feb 27 '13 at 15:01
Try asking lots of smaller questions instead of asking for someone to write your application for you. – cja Feb 27 '13 at 15:01
You can always start by installing your database server. – Cyclone Feb 27 '13 at 15:03

The first step to do this is to have a n environment where you can place your code. The technologies you have used so far are fine when run locally, however, if you start using technologies like PHP and MySQL you'd need server side processing.

If you're running on windows, try looking at WAMP server. This should help you get started

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First, you'll need to install a local server on your computer (apache + php + mysql + phpmyadmin) : download MAMP (for mac os), XAMP or WAMP (for windows), LAMP (for linux).

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