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I've got a kendo grid with a draggable attached to it to allow reordering of grid rows.

            filter: "tbody > tr",
            group: "gridGroup",
            hint: function (e) {
                return $('<div class="k-grid k-widget"><table><tbody><tr>' + e.html() + '</tr></tbody></table></div>');

            group: "gridGroup",
            drop: function (e) {
                var target = dataSource.getByUid($(e.draggable.currentTarget).data("uid")),
                    dest = $(document.elementFromPoint(e.clientX, e.clientY));

                if ("th")) {

                dest = dataSource.getByUid(dest.parent().data("uid"));

                if (target.get("Id") !== dest.get("Id")) {
                    var tmp = target.Priority;
                    target.Priority = dest.Priority;
                    dest.Priority = tmp;

                    dataSource.sort({ field: "Priority", dir: "asc" });

I also have the ability to do inline edits by setting

editable: "inline"


    command: ["edit"]

However, Kendo grid does some screwing things when dragging is enabled while trying to click on an editable field. When I comment out the kendoDraggable code, editing works just fine. I'm looking for a way of capturing the kendoGrid "edit" command and using that to disable the draggability. Of course, I'd need to re-enable dragging after the user leaves inline editing mode.

Any thoughts?

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You can just make the filter to exclude a row which is being currently edited.

  filter: "tbody > tr:not(.k-grid-edit-row)",

Here is live example.

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You saved me) really nice idea – Andrian Durlestean Sep 24 '14 at 8:41

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