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Can any body tell how can i start to code in the Cappuccino in the xcode any tutorials or any good pdf that make me enough to start work with the xcode .


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On the Cappuccino site, there's a place where you can download an installer that will add some Cappuccino templates to the standard Xcode template projects: http://cappuccino.org/learn/tutorials/getting-setup.php#editors

From there, you can choose File > New Project, and the Cappuccino templates should show up there in the New Project picker.

However, I don't believe the installer has been updated recently, so your mileage may vary. =(

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here you can find the latest Xcode templates.

regards, raphael

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fixing the bitly link: github.com/rbartolome/xcode-cappuccino –  Carl Coryell-Martin Jan 30 '10 at 7:22

I really would recommend that you go with Coda instead.

If you were interested in “taming” Xcode (it is not designed for Obj-J though), look into http://github.com/araxara/cappuccino/tree/Xcode/Tools/Editors/Xcode/. However, it feels very wrong and Coda / TextMate can bid you extra productivity.

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