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I am writing a GUI code using Tkinter in python:

var_alg_name = Tk.StringVar(board, 'Bilinear')
Tk.Label(board, text = 'Algorithm Name: ').pack(side = 'left')
ttk.Combobox(board, textvariable = var_alg_name, values=['Bilinear', 'Idw']).pack(side = 'left')

I want to get use's choice when a user choose a option in the list.

By searching help command, I found .trace to call a callback foo, but how can I get the value inside foo?

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possible duplicate of python, tkinter: how to select an item in ttk.Combobox – Bryan Oakley Feb 27 '13 at 15:34

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You simply call var_alg_name.get(), assuming that var_alg_name is accessible in the scope where you're trying to get the value. See python, tkinter: how to select an item in ttk.Combobox for an example.

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