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I have some PHP mysql code that does an insert into the table (shown below). On my box at home it seemed to run fine but on my hosted production server I am getting unbelievable memory over runs and slow downs.

Column  Type    Null    Default Comments
uid int(1)  No       
CUID    int(11) No    
AUID    int(11) No       
user    varchar(10) No       
position    varchar(15) No       
User Added By   varchar(10) No       
Added On    datetime    No       Indexes

Keyname Type    Unique  Packed  Column  Cardinality Collation   Null    Comment
PRIMARY BTREE   Yes No  uid 17196   A   No  
AUID    BTREE   No  No  AUID    9   A   No  
user    BTREE   No  No  user    150 A   No  
CUID    BTREE   No  No  CUID    3439    A   No  

Space usage:
Data    794,776 B
Index   605,184 B
Total   1,367   KiB

Row Statistics:
 Format  dynamic
 Rows    17,196
 Row length ø    46
 Row size ø  81 B
 Next autoindex  27,104

When I go to the web page where the form is I fill out the form and insert into this table. The first time the speed is reasonable. The second time the page takes 10s of seconds to complete and when I check the memory logs etc on the hosting server the RAM hits all the limits.

From ▴  To  aCPU    mCpu    aEP mEP lEP aMEM    mMEM    lMEM    MemF    MepF
02-27 10:08 02-27 10:09 12  62  1   3   20  359.1M  4.0G    4.0G    1   0
02-27 10:07 02-27 10:08 0   0   0   0   20  4.1M    4.1M    4.0G    0   0
02-27 10:06 02-27 10:07 0   0   0   0   20  4.1M    4.1M    4.0G    0   0
02-27 10:05 02-27 10:06 0   0   0   0   20  4.1M    4.1M    4.0G    0   0
02-27 10:04 02-27 10:05 25  62  1   4   20  22.5M   59.8M   4.0G    0   0
02-27 10:00 02-27 10:05 0   0   0   2   20  4.6M    22.7M   4.0G    0   0
02-27 09:00 02-27 10:00 0   75  0   4   20  5.8M    452.7M  4.0G    0   0
02-27 08:00 02-27 09:00 0   0   0   1   20  284K    18.1M   4.0G    0   0

Note the 4.0G in the first line.

I am really stuck as to what this could be. The hosting place is using suPHP and I have heard there used to be bugs in this (but that was from a few years ago).

Maybe it is unrealistic, but doing a single insert into this table (which is relatively small, I think) should not cause memory issues all over the place. Here is the insert statement:

mysql_query('INSERT INTO call_member SET user="'.$user.'", position="'.$position.'", CUID="'.$CUID.'", AUID="'.$apparatus.'", `LOSAP Added By`="'.$losap_added_by.'", `Added On`=NOW()');

Now, I know I need to switch to mysqli. That is in the short term plans.

What would be killing the server? I worked with the hosting company and their server appears fine.

I am not completely sure this is causing the memory issue but it happens every time I run this piece of code. So, I believe it is the cause. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

[added more code]

$query = 'SELECT USER FROM member WHERE USER = "'.strtolower($user).'"';
$ck = squery( $query );
$num_entries = mysql_num_rows( $ck );
$row_person = mysql_fetch_assoc($ck);

$query = 'SELECT USER FROM call_member WHERE CUID='.$_REQUEST['CUID'].' AND USER = "'.strtolower($user).'" LIMIT 1';
$ck = squery( $query );

if( $num_entries == 1 && mysql_num_rows($ck) == 0 )

    if( $num_entries == 1 )
            $query = 'INSERT INTO call_member SET LOSAP="'.$row_person['LOSAP'].'", ccnumber ="' . $ccnumber . '", position="'.$position.'", CUID="'.$CUID.'", apparatus="'.$apparatus .'", `LOSAP Added By`="'.$user_added_by.'", `Added On`=NOW()';
            $result = squery( $query );
            print '<div>Error: Could not find a user number or unique person for "'.$user.'" or the person is not a current member.</div>';

and I have a function squery defined in an include function:

function squery( $query  ) 
    $result = mysql_query( $query );
    print mysql_error();
    return $result;
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What process is using that much memory, mysql or apache? –  Pitchinnate Feb 27 '13 at 15:48
Yesterday I was running "top" on the hosting box while I was doing some of these things. There were multiple php processes being created and a couple of them went <defunct>. –  brechmos Feb 27 '13 at 15:53
We need to see your code to answer your question. Also, your field names should NEVER have spaces in them! It can cause all sorts of problems. Underscores or hyphens are much better, I prefer underscores. –  Piontek Media Feb 27 '13 at 15:53
So, it might not be exactly the mysql insert but something to do with it and php, but the rest of the website runs "fine". It just appears to be this part of the code. –  brechmos Feb 27 '13 at 15:54
Should your squery method return the result or is that a typo? –  Dave Feb 27 '13 at 16:06

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Your squery method:

function squery( $query )

    $result = mysql_query( $query );
    print mysql_error();

Should have a:

return $result;

at the end.

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Yes. It actually does. The copy/paste missed it. –  brechmos Feb 27 '13 at 17:11

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