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I have this url which is generated automatically.


I need to get the name and the extension of the image from this url which in this case is 4320885_orig.png

i am not being able to write a regex to find the name and extension.

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What have you tried? So many ways without a regex... –  jeroen Feb 27 '13 at 15:50

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I recommend you to check php's Basename function instead of using regex

echo basename("uploads/1/0/1/7/10178123/4320885_orig.png");

//result: 4320885_orig.png
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Don't use regex, use pathinfo...

echo pathinfo('uploads/1/0/1/7/10178123/4320885_orig.png', PATHINFO_BASENAME);
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Try pathinfo():

$path = 'uploads/1/0/1/7/10178123/4320885_orig.png';

echo pathinfo($path, PATHINFO_BASENAME); //png

You can get other components of the path as well:

$path_parts = pathinfo($path);

echo $path_parts['extension'], "\n"; //png
echo $path_parts['dirname'],   "\n"; //uploads/1/0/1/7/10178123
echo $path_parts['basename'],  "\n"; //4320885_orig.png
echo $path_parts['filename'],  "\n"; //4320885_orig

See the PHP documentation on pathinfo() for more information.

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