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If I create sample User account for test I have this error:

Unknown password hashing algorithm 'password1'. Did you specify it in the PASSWORD_HASHERS setting?

class ExampleTest(TestCase):
    def test_sample_data(self):
        for i in range(0,1):
            user = content.factories.UserFactory.create()

class UserFactory(factory.Factory):
    FACTORY_FOR = User

    username = factory.Sequence(lambda n: 'User' + n)
    email = ''
    password = 'password1'

How to fix it?



user = content.factories.UserFactory.create()
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2 Answers 2

Actually, this is described in factory-boy documentation:

class UserFactory(factory.Factory):
    def _prepare(cls, create, **kwargs):
        password = kwargs.pop('password', None)
        user = super(UserFactory, cls)._prepare(create, **kwargs)
        if password:
            if create:
        return user

Better use this solution, so you can correctly use, UserFactory.create() and UserFactory.attributes() (later will return unhashed password)

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class UserFactory(factory.Factory):
    FACTORY_FOR = User

    username = 'user'
    password = factory.PostGenerationMethodCall('set_password',

See docs here

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