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I am wondering if it's possible to format only the most recently clicked link so that I can use it to show which page the user is on? My code currently looks like this: e- loa

.topbar a:link {color:#999}
.topbar a:visited {color:#999;}
.topbar a:hover { color:#666;}
.topbar a:active {color:#CCC;}

Ideally I'd like the active link to stay active when the page it's linking to loads so that the link is a lighter colour to show users which page they're on, but obviously this isn't possible. I'd love any suggestions for a better way of doing it too, no doubt there are loads.

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There is no work around with CSS. You need to define in the markup what link is active. For example:

<nav class="topbar">
  <a href="1.html" class="active"></li>
  <a href="2.html"></li>
  <a href="3.html"></li>

You have to do this in the markup itself and then create a style such as this:

.topbar {color:#red;}

You could also accomplish the class on that link by using a bit of javascript. This could find out the page you are on and add the class to that specific link element.

The :active selector only defines the style for the moment you have pressed on the link. It's kind of like a Button Pressed Down style. It's nice to give user feedback that a link was actually clicked and gives a nice touch. But it will not highlight the link that has been recently clicked.

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Ah ok, that's a great help thankyou! – Makrobe Dnb Feb 27 '13 at 16:35

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