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Here is an example Rakefile

namespace :install do
   task :baz do

   task :quux do

task :foo => ['bar:baz','bar:quux'] do

Is it possible to write something like task :foo => ['bar' => ['baz', 'quux']] do

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This can't be done. I've just dug around in the source and if you must: checkout resolve_args_with_dependencies. In there you need to do horrible things to make this work. I wouldn't recommend it.

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You're one superhack monkeypatch away from making this happen, but I wouldn't advise it. This will create a non-standard dependency. If you can get a pull request approved, then hey, by all means.

Why don't you just make shorter aliases if you're fretting about things like this?

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Well I don't really fret about the length, just the DRYness of my code :) – deiga Feb 27 '13 at 20:24
Since you're dealing with Ruby here, you could make a method that converts from your format into something that Rake can use. Example: task :foo => x(:bar => %w[ baz quxx]) where x(h) would do the magic. Sometimes too much reductionism impairs understanding, though. – tadman Feb 27 '13 at 20:27

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