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I am looking at some code and I see a lot of this:

$('[id$="txt"]').attr('excludeDirty', 'True');

I assume the "id$=txt" code is some method to tell jquery how to find a specific object in the DOM but I can't find any reference to back that up.

I did find that $() is the jquery selector so the code inside the parenthesis must be something to identify the selector, correct?


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is the set of elements whose id ends with txt.

It uses the "Attribute Ends With Selector".

The syntax is obviously inspired from regular expressions : it's the same as

$('*').filter(function(){ return /text$/.test(this.id) });

There is the symmetric selector for elements whose an attribute starts with a text and it's logically

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You're talking about the 'ends with' selector http://api.jquery.com/attribute-ends-with-selector/

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So essentially that means if the full string were: $('[id$="txtGreenHam"]') it would return an object with an id that ends with txtGreenHam. Is that correct? –  John Mar 12 '13 at 0:28
All the elements that ends with txtGreenHam, yes –  martriay Mar 12 '13 at 2:50

If the equal sign is preceded by a dollar sign ($) then the selector will match the last characters of an attribute (such as a file extension).

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