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So i'm trying to set up using RequiresJs based on John Papa's Code Camper Tutorial on plurarlsight, but I still cant seem to get it right.

My bootstrapper.run() never gets called because bs is always undefined




(function() {
var root = this;
    baseUrl: 'Scripts/libs',
    paths: {
        app: '../app'

function Define3rdPartyModules() {
    //Load things such as jquery, ko, Kendo, toastr etc here
    define('jquery', [], function () { return root.jQuery; });
    define('knockout', [], function () { return root.ko; });
    define('toastr', [], function () { return root.toastr; });
    define('kendo', [], function() { return root.kendo; });

function LoadPluginsAndBoot() {
    //Load self create plugins and extensions here
    requirejs(['app/ko-bindingHandlers', 'app/ko-kendo'], Boot);

function Boot() {

    function (bs) {



function () {

  var run = function () {
    alert('we ran this');

  return { run: run };

bootstrapper.js shows up in my dev console window, yet bs is undefined. I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong here, could someone enlighten me?

Also i'm trying to use the ko-kendo extension? that Ryan Niemeyer created and I see that it has built in requirejs checks, so should i be defining that in my _Layout.cshtml? or keep it where it is?

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Usually you don't include the name of a module when using the define call. define([], function() { ... }); Usually this is added in by the optimiser - Not sure if this is a fix to your issue though... –  Felix Mar 3 '13 at 1:11
Thank you for taking the time to comment on my question. I haven't gotten to try your suggestion as of yet but I will shortly. Hopefully I can come back on here and have you make it an official answer :D –  Zholen Mar 4 '13 at 15:46

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