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I would like to write a text on an blank image using GraphicsMagick C API (low level). Here's my code.

   ExceptionInfo exception;

  ImageInfo *image_info;
  Image* img;
  image_info = CloneImageInfo((ImageInfo*) NULL);

  strcpy(image_info->filename, "test.jpg");

  img = AllocateImage(image_info);
  img->columns = 200;
  img->rows = 200;
  img->x_resolution = 100;
  img->y_resolution = 100;

  DrawContext dr = DrawAllocateContext(NULL, img); 
  DrawAnnotation(dr, 1,1, (const unsigned char*)("hello world"));
  WriteImage(image_info, img);
  return ""; 

The image is created but the size is zero. I don't understand how to initalize all these structures. Thank you

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