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I'm developing an OAUTH 2.0 provider on Google App Engine with Django-nonrel. For authentication I have provided my own user authentication, so I'm not using Google Accounts.

I did some research about available OAUTH2.0 libraries for creating oauth providers. oauth2app looks quite promising, as it is also using Django. Does anyone have experience with using this library on Google App Engine with Django-nonrel? Or can anybody recommend a library?


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I am currently using this one


Oauth was unknown for me but this library help me a lot

The link has also examples to understand how it works

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thanks a lot! But as far as I've seen oauth2 uses OAuth in version 1.0 and I want to use OAuth 2.0. – Sandra May 15 '13 at 13:49
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I ended up using oauth2app and it only took me some minor changes in order to get in work with django-nonrel.

The only restriction is that the model classes in oauth2app use ManyToManyFields and this is not supported in django-nonrel, so I ended up changing them to ListFields. This then yields to some minor changes concerning the queries done in the library.

All in all oauth2app can be recommended also in combination with django-nonrel on Google App Engine.

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