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i'm using restfb to fetch some posts and every comment of each posts of a facebook page in this way:

FacebookClient facebookClient = new DefaultFacebookClient(MY_ACCESS_TOKEN);
Connection<Post> pagePosts = facebookClient.fetchConnection("", Post.class);
for (List<Post> posts : pagePosts)
    for (Post post : posts){
        for(Comment comment: post.getComments().getData()){
        //get number of likes of comment
        String message = post.getMessage();
        String id      = post.getId();
        long timestamp = post.getCreatedTime().getTime()/1000;
        //store info            

My problem borns when it fetch a post like this.

It has 140 comments but the toString() method gives me:

Post[actions=[...] application=null attribution=null comments=Comments[count=157 data=[]] createdTime=Wed Feb 27 14:41:58 CET 2013 ....]

the json part of comment is:

comments=Comments[count=157 data=[]]


but if you go on that post NOW it says 145... and there is no data!

What could be the problem about that? why it give me different data from real one?

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i would like to access to the public facebook pages, do i have to Access_token code? because for me, my access token code seems expired time by time, so i have to create a new access toekn code once the first one expired to run the program, have you experienced this before ? – S Gaber Aug 14 '13 at 4:26
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I solved in this way:

private static List<FBComment> getCommentFromPost(FacebookClient client, String post_id){
    List<String> comments = new ArrayList<FBComment>();

    Connection<Comment> allComments = client.fetchConnection(post_id+"/comments", Comment.class);
    for(List<Comment> postcomments : allComments){
        for (Comment comment : postcomments){
        long likes     = comment.getLikeCount()==null?(comment.getLikes()==null?0:comment.getLikes()):comment.getLikeCount();
        comments.add(comment.getMessage()+" - "+likes);

    return comments;
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