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I'm using WebGrid and View Model in my MVC application. My Viewmodel has a int[ ] member called 'companiesfilter' to take user's multiple selection from a company checkbox list to search a product database.

The ViewModel will be sent to controller by Ajax.BeginForm, and controller will return the SAME viewmodel with a product list to populate a partial view which is mainly a Webgrid and paged (server side paging).

It works well when I check some boxes, click the submit button, and get the result correctly. The problem is, when I click next page in WebGrid, it lost my multiselected values in companiesfilter on Controller side.

By debuging, I found that the View did send back companiesfilter with the data correctly, but MVC failed to bind the data when populate the viewmodel for controller. Could anyone tell me why?

The most interesting thing is, if I change companiesfilter to be string[ ], it works. HOWEVER, when Webgrid do paging, MVC feed the companiesfilter[0] with "1, 4, 5", not I supposed companiesfilter[0] = "1", companiesfilter[1] = "4", companiesfilter[2] = "5". Why it behaves like this?

Any suggestions to solve this issue? I prefer to use int[ ], not string[ ]. Thanks!

Here is my code for reference.

public class ProductSearchViewModel
    public List<Company> CompanyFullList { get; set; }
    public int[] CompaniesFilter { get; set; }
    //Search Result
    public IEnumerable<ProductInfor> ProductList { get; set; }

public ActionResult M_ProductSearchIndex(ProductSearchViewModel searchViewModel)
    search database...

    if (Request.IsAjaxRequest())
        return PartialView("_M_ProductSearchResult", searchViewModel);
        return View(searchViewModel);

My view:

@model MyApp.Models.ViewModels.ProductSearchViewModel
<div id="CompaniesChkboxs">
@foreach (var company in Model.CompanyFullList)
    <input type="checkbox" name="CompaniesFilter" value="@company.Id", @(Html.Raw(company.Selected ? "checked=\"checked\"" : "")) /> @company.CompanyName

@Html.Partial("_U_ProductSearchResult", Model)
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