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I'm trying to benchmark our company os, one of the steps is calculate how much time does it take to a user to copy something to somewhere with a mere ctrl-c/ctrl-v under explorer. So I'd like to know how to scriptize that action in a batch to be ran several times so I can get the time execution, specifically how to make the copying process popup appear. I think "rundll32 shell32.dll" is involved somehow but I don't know how.


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You may either

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You could do it with vbscript. See the script examples on the Folder.CopyHere method page. Interestingly, the Folder.CopyHere method also works to put files into a zip folder. Look at an example (if for no other reason than to see another real-world example of how to employ CopyHere). Unlike the scripting.filesystemobject copy function, the shell.application copyhere function uses the Windows UI API, prompting for replace if exists and showing the file copy dialog as if the user dragged-and-dropped.

Here's an example benchmark.vbs that copies ".\Ubi Caritas.mp3" to %temp% 100 times, then shows the time in milliseconds the operation took (with 4-digit precision).

set wShl = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")
tmp = wShl.ExpandEnvironmentStrings("%TEMP%")
set wShl = nothing
set oShl = CreateObject("shell.application")
set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

set srcfile=fso.GetFile("Ubi Caritas.mp3")
dest=tmp & "\" & srcfile.Name

wscript.Echo "Testing copy speed from " & srcfile.Name & " (" & srcfile.size & " bytes) to " & dest

' single copy
msb4 = Timer
call doCopy
msafter = Timer
wscript.Echo "1 copy took " & FormatNumber(msafter - msb4, 4, -2, -2, false) & " seconds."

' 100 copies
msb4 = Timer
for i = 0 to 100
    call doCopy
msafter = Timer
wscript.Echo "100 copies took " & FormatNumber(msafter - msb4, 4, -2, -2, false) & " seconds."

set destfile = nothing
set oShl = nothing
set fso = nothing

sub doCopy
    oShl.namespace(tmp).copyhere(srcfile.Name), 16
    if isEmpty(destfile) then set destfile = fso.getFile(dest)
    do until destfile.size = srcfile.size
        wscript.sleep 10
end sub

Example output:

C:\Users\me\Desktop>cscript /nologo benchmark.vbs
Testing copy speed from Ubi Caritas.mp3 (2929371 bytes) to C:\Users\me\AppD
ata\Local\Temp\Ubi Caritas.mp3
1 copy took 0.0664 seconds.
100 copies took 4.0430 seconds.
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Hi Rojo, your script is not working.. I created the same enviroment you described (with the mp3 file) but it gives me "file not found" error on line 32 if isEmpty(destfile) then set destfile = fso.getFile(dest), can you give it a look please? thanks –  shanti Mar 1 '13 at 10:25
Try changing the second line to an absolute location. tmp = "C:\Users\[your username]\Appdata\Local\Temp" That's the destination. You can change the source file by modifying set srcfile=fso.GetFile("[full path here]"). Or you could use wscript.arguments(0) and (1) to pass the source and destination on the command line. –  rojo Mar 1 '13 at 13:03
I should also mention that in my case, the file copied so quickly that I never saw the file copy progress bar. You should either use a larger test file than I did or make your source and destination different drives (i.e. copy from a network drive, or copy to a USB flash drive for example). –  rojo Mar 1 '13 at 13:07

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