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In Play 1, new actions you defined had a default route.

*       /{controller}/{action}                  {controller}.{action}

(This appeared by default in new projects)

What is the Play 2/2.1 equivalent? Why doesn't it appear in the default routes file?

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Actually there is a catch-all route available. According to the routing doc in Play 2.0+ you can use Dynamic parts spanning several / so if you put it as exactly last route of given method it will catch every route that wasn't catch before. You can use this for further processing for an example if you have other 'routes' stored in DataBase.

GET   /*path   controllers.Application.seacrhRouteInDB(path: String)
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Any idea why it's not in the default routes file? – ripper234 Feb 27 '13 at 21:41
Cause it's my... 'innovation' :D And serious - Play doesn't enforce you to use specific behaviors (fortunately) so you can use that trick if required and for most cases it isn't required... – biesior Feb 27 '13 at 22:07
This is a really neat trick you've found :) My answer now looks ridiculous in comparison. – Mirko Adari Jul 14 '14 at 18:05
@MirkoAdari, no it isn't using Global class can be another solution – biesior Jul 14 '14 at 20:32
@PabloFernandez - that's easy: you can store URL's in DB and use your controller to resolve it... its basics in 99% of PHP CMSes... – biesior Sep 10 '14 at 21:52

Unfortunately the routes in Play Framework 2 don't have this feature.. However you can create a Global class that extends GlobalSettings and implement the catch all in the onRouteRequest method. Check API or documentation for details.

Note this is only available since 2.1.0.

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No chance to get a code sample, right? I guess you haven't implemented this yourself yet... – ripper234 Feb 27 '13 at 17:26
As 2.1.0 was just released, haven't needed it yet anywhere. Just remembered seeing this in the release notes. – Mirko Adari Feb 27 '13 at 17:27
I picked a delicate time to migrate from 1.2.4 :) – ripper234 Feb 27 '13 at 17:58
Be prepared for a lot more, Play Framework 2 is entirely different product. We keep our 1.2.5 projects on 1.2.5, but start new ones on 2.x. – Mirko Adari Feb 27 '13 at 18:03
Yeah, I know. No real plan to migrate, but we thought it's about time we tasted some Play 2 + Scala. – ripper234 Feb 27 '13 at 18:09

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