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i'm searching a tool that create diagram from an Xcode project. I have tried OmniGraffle and Visual Paradigm (that seems not work...),and some others tools... Seems that all this tool create a diagram that simply draw the #import of all the classes of a xcode project. I need a tool that draw the code flow inside a class or a ViewController, i need something like : "ViewDidLoad->ViewWillAppear->ViewDidAppear->ecc..." . There's a tool for this pourpose?

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There is unlikely anything that does what you are wanting to. IDA can give you a dissasembly of your code and visually show logic flows:


If you learn to use the debugger well you can step through code execution: http://lldb.llvm.org/

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For exactly what you want I don't think there is any thing. You could just

NSLog(@"entering %s" ,  __PRETTY_FUNCTION__  ) ;

on every method.

Then run. Take the output and using AppleScript have OmniGraffle do it. I did something like this for a database documentation project many years back.

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