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I'm trying to test a webflow controller with spring security on:

<action-state id="search">
    <secured attributes="ROLE_ADMIN"/>

I'm using AbstractXmlFlowExecutionTests subclass.

Now, the test runs ok without the "secured" tag (I don't make any mocks for the security), but once I add the security tag, the test keeps finishing with success, although I anticipate a security exception to be thrown. Any ideas why it doesn't work and how should I configure it? Thanks in advance! Igor

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Could you please post a snippet with "secured" tag? – Maksym Demidas Feb 27 '13 at 17:21
Well, it's in the message... I'm using it inside the action-state in the webflow. It works fine when I actually RUN my app, but it fails in the test. – Igor Feb 27 '13 at 22:45

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Ok, I've found the solution: I needed to add a securityListener manually. Before startFlow:

setFlowExecutionListener(getSecurityListener(new String[] {"ROLE_ADMIN_FAKE"}));


private FlowExecutionListener getSecurityListener(String[] roles) {
    List<GrantedAuthority> result = new ArrayList<>();
    for (String role: roles) {
        SimpleGrantedAuthority authority = new SimpleGrantedAuthority(role);
    Authentication auth = new PreAuthenticatedAuthenticationToken("Igor", "", result);
    return new SecurityFlowExecutionListener();
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