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I have the table user

  -record(person, {id, firstname, lastname}).

this table contains this values :

    1  francoi     mocci     
    2  test        tes  

I want to clear the data from this table

I didn't find the syntax in erlang to clear the data from the table user

I find the function which delete the table with

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Deletes all entries in the table Tab.

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To do this for some records only, you can find all the keys in your table, and then call the delete function for each key you want to delete. I try this in the shell:

1> mnesia:create_schema([node()]).
2> application:set_env(mnesia, dir, ".").
3> application:start(mnesia).
4> application:which_applications().
[{mnesia,"MNESIA  CXC 138 12","4.7.1"},
 {stdlib,"ERTS  CXC 138 10","1.18.2"},
 {kernel,"ERTS  CXC 138 10","2.15.2"}]
5> rd(person, {id, firstname, lastname}).
6> mnesia:create_table(person,[{attributes, record_info(fields,person)},{ram_copies,[node()]}]).                       
7> Add=fun(I,N,L) -> F = fun() -> mnesia:write(#person{id=I,firstname=N,lastname=L}) end, mnesia:activity(transaction,F) end.
8> Add(1,"Toto","Ralf").
9> Add(2,"Titi","Ben"). 
10> mnesia:activity(transaction,fun() -> mnesia:all_keys(person) end).
11> Add(3,"Tutu","Joe").                                              
12> L = mnesia:activity(transaction,fun() -> mnesia:all_keys(person) end).
13> mnesia:dirty_read(person,3).
[#person{id = 3,firstname = "Tutu",lastname = "Joe"}]
14> Del=fun(X) -> F=fun() -> mnesia:delete({person,X}) end, mnesia:activity(transaction,F) end.                               
15> [Del(X) || X <- L, X < 3].
16> mnesia:activity(transaction,fun() -> mnesia:all_keys(person) end).    
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