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All. I am trying to find a python module that I can use to parse a cron entry and get the next time it will run. With perl I use the Schedule::Cron::Events module but I would like to convert to python. Thanks in advance.

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The documentation for python-crontab is in docstrings in the source code, as is usual for python. You can also explore the documentation via the python interpreter with the built-in help() function. The full source for python-crontab is less than 500 lines anyway and is very readable.

Example from the source code:

from crontab import CronTab

tab = CronTab()
cron = tab.new(command='/usr/bin/echo')


cron2 = tab.new(command='/foo/bar',comment='SomeID')

list = tab.find('bar')
cron3 = list[0]

print unicode(tab.render())

for cron4 in tab.find('echo'):
    print cron4

for cron5 in tab:
    print cron5



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I could be wrong but doesn't python crontab offer ways to read and write to crontab but nothing regarding parsing the crontab to determine the time until the next time a job will be run?

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