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Hi I am trying to compile a node_modules as Release mode, but I could not successfully configure as Release mode.

I ran node-gyp configure; the configure.gypi generated

 # Do not edit. File was generated by node-gyp's "configure" step {
   "target_defaults": {
         "cflags": [],
         **"default_configuration": "Debug",**
         "defines": [],
         "include_dirs": [],
         "libraries": []   },

I tried with -DBUILDTYPE=Release and BUILDTYPE=Release but not successfully

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Default should be Release.

Try node-gyp configure --release

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This works, thanks! It's not always Release, could be Debug so you'd have to specify --release. I think Debug is when you build node from source with debug on. –  Calin Apr 18 '14 at 14:54

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