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I do not see any metadata on MPMediaItem that could be considered to be a globally unique identifier (in other words, the same piece of media would have the same, unique combination of values across multiple devices and user accounts). Is there a recommended metadatum that could be used in this way (or a compound set of metadata)?

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All MPMediaItems and some other MediaPlayer.framework classes have a unique identifier called a persistent ID. It is a uint64_t wrapped in an NSNumber. Here are the persistent IDs you can retrieve from an MPMediaItem using valueForProperty:

NSString *const MPMediaItemPropertyPersistentID;            // filterable
NSString *const MPMediaItemPropertyAlbumPersistentID;       // filterable
NSString *const MPMediaItemPropertyArtistPersistentID;      // filterable
NSString *const MPMediaItemPropertyAlbumArtistPersistentID; // filterable
NSString *const MPMediaItemPropertyGenrePersistentID;       // filterable
NSString *const MPMediaItemPropertyComposerPersistentID;    // filterable
NSString *const MPMediaItemPropertyPodcastPersistentID;     // filterable
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Thank you. Are these persistent ID's consistent across multiple devices and Apple ID's? Are there any third-party services that can map one of Apple's persistent ID's to other metadata (e.g. artist, song, album, etc)? –  xyzzycoder Mar 4 '13 at 19:38
No, they are specific to a device. Currently, there is no Apple-recommended way to do that. I suggest you mash up the Song Title, Artist and Release Date to create a GUID, as these are the most unique metadata of a song. Also, explore the Gracenote API. It is a music recognition service that sends back correct metadata. –  duci9y Mar 5 '13 at 7:01

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