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I can get the last element from an NSMutableArray with "lastObject". If the array was not initialized, it will return nil. Is there a similiar method or way to get this effect for the first object? This would be very helpful for me.

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Something like this?

id myFirstObject = myArray.count>0 ? myArray[0] : nil;

If you particularly want this to be part of an array, make it a category :

@interface NSArray (firstObject)
- (id)firstObject;

@implementation NSArray (firstObject)
- (id)firstObject {
    return myArray.count>0 ? myArray[0] : nil;

Then you get a firstObject that behaves the same as lastObject.

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New update in ios 7

 NSArray *array = @[@1, @2, @3];

 NSLog(@"First Object: %@", [array firstObject]); // 1
 NSLog(@"Last Object: %@", [array lastObject]); // 3
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it's new with Xcode 5, not iOS7. It will work with iOS4+ – Cœur Feb 19 '14 at 12:41

Why don't you just do

if ([array count] > 0) {
    id x = [array objectAtIndex:0];
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