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Hi fellas I have the following basic question but can't get to solve it.

<a href="#download" class="noStyle"><i class="icon-cloud-download" style="font-size: 112px;"></i></a>

I have tried to hide all formatting by doing so in CSS but still cant remove styling

    a i {
    text-decoration: none; 

a.noClass.i:link {text-decoration:none;}    /* unvisited link */
a.noClass.i:visited {text-decoration:none;} /* visited link */
a.noClass.i:hover {text-decoration:none;}   /* mouse over link */
a.noClass.i:active {text-decoration:none;}  /* selected link */
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You should do a.noClass:link i instead of a.noClass.i:link etc. Your CSS-selector is now selecting an a element with class noClass AND i.

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You're calling noStyle in your HTML but you're naming it noClass in your stylesheet..

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