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I have problem with defining abilites when resources are deeply nested. I have these classes: Teacher, Division, Student, Absence and User (Teacher and Student belongs to Devise User model):

has_many :divisions

belongs_to :teacher

belongs_to :division
has_many :absences

belongs_to :student

There is no problem when I want to ensure that Teacher can manage only Students that belongs to his division:

#This works
if user.teacher?
  can :manage, Student, division: { teacher_id: user.teacher.id }

Problem occurrs when I want to ensure that Teacher can manage Absences that belongs to Students from his divisions:

#This doesn't work and returns PG::Error: ERROR: column students.divisions does not exist
can :manage, Absence, student: { division: { teacher_id: user.teacher.id } }

Any suggestions for defining ability for this nested resources?

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This should work:

if user.teacher?
  can :manage, Absence do |absence|
    absence.student.division.teacher_id == user.teacher.id

The cancan wiki: Defining Abilities with Blocks

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I was hoping I could solve it without using blocks. I guess not. –  h00s Apr 21 '13 at 15:10

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