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I wrote a Windows application in c++, i want to do data analysis in R but output the graphic to the window of my application, so i call a R routine within my application and i can send the handle of the window to R routine, but i do not know how to set the window as device of R's graphics.

the dev {grDevices} functions provide control over multiple graphics devices, but i think dev.set() or windows() did not work at this situation, what should i do ?


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You should implement a hook that redirects R graph to your application Window. I have not done it in c++ as the application, but the c# code to do it essentially is standard windows API.

It draws on hook code written by Dino Esposito around 2004.


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thank you sir! that is greet, but there are something wrong in the demo, but does not matter i will do it with c++. –  Sean Mar 1 '13 at 7:20
Yes, there is a version problem, because 1.5 is slightly different. However, the core part you are interested in is not affected. –  Dieter Menne Mar 1 '13 at 7:48

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