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I always get the below error while trying to upload the photo chosen from pictures.

System.ArgumentException: Input parameter 'uploadLocation' is invalid. 'uploadLocation' must be rooted in \shared\transfers. Parameter name: uploadLocation

The path of the image files chosen was:

C:\Data\Users\Public\Pictures\Camera Roll\WP_20130228_001.jpg.

Any idea how I can supply the image file in the expected format?

MainPage.client.BackgroundUploadAsync("ToFolder", new System.Uri("C:\Data\Users\Public\Pictures\Camera Roll\WP_20130228_001.jpg"), OverwriteOption.Overwrite);
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You're trying to access an image on your PC, from your phone? I don't think it can work like that. Check out the answer on this question, it explains BackgroundUploadAsync() a little better, and links to some documentation. – lhan Feb 27 '13 at 19:17
Oops, here's the link: stackoverflow.com/questions/14482876/… – lhan Feb 27 '13 at 21:16

The c drive always come in windows phone also.just by removing the entire path and only giving the file name as parameter has fixed the issue.

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