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I'm having trouble combining several sql statements into a larger single one.

Problem: I have a news feed and need to return all posts from accounts a logged in user follows. I also need to join a table with two other tables to grab the username of the accounts which posted on the news feed. I have 4 tables that will be used in this query:

Follower (lists user with the account it follows and type of account being followed)

Important Columns: [user_id, following_id, type]

User (users can follow other user accounts)

Important Columns: [username]

Server (users can also follow server accounts. Note servers to users is one to many since users can create 0 or more servers tied to their account)

Important Columns: [title]

News_Posts (this contains the message, account type (integer), and poster_id)

Important Columns: [poster_id, message, type]

I can't figure out how to grab the news posts for the current logged in user.

Query 1: Returns full news list with correct username based on "type" 0 = user, 1 = server

    SELECT news_posts.*, users.username FROM news_posts INNER JOIN users ON WHERE news_posts.TYPE='0'


    SELECT news_posts.*, servers.title FROM news_posts INNER JOIN servers ON WHERE news_posts.TYPE='1'

Query 2: Returns accounts a specific user (in this case id of 1) is following

    SELECT following_id, type FROM follower WHERE user_id='1'

How would I combine Query 1 with Query 2 so that only news_post records WHERE news_posts.poster_id = Query 2 results. It would have to take into account the type of follower so that the correct username is used

edit: here is a rough version of the schema:!2/a48f3/1

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Is the schema fair game for modification? For example, might I suggest that there be an Account table to store both Users and Servers; the table would include a type column that distinguishes between the two (or more) types of accounts? – Alkini Feb 27 '13 at 19:28
Still in the prototype phase so I'd be happy for suggestions to improving the schema. Also, here is a pretty rough (only main columns) schema so it can be visualized:!2/a48f3/1 Edit: I currently allow accounts to have multiple servers which is why i structured them separate. So it's a One to many relationship. – MCG Feb 27 '13 at 19:30
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You're asking for all news posts that were posted by an account (user or server) that is followed by the user with ID 1. You want all information about those posts plus the username or server title of the poster. This is that in SQL, given your schema (also at sqlfiddle):

select p.*,
from news_posts p
            select id,
                0 as type
            from users
            select id,
                1 as type
            from servers
        ) account
        on (
   = p.poster_id
            and account.type = p.type
    join follower f
        on (
            f.following_id =
            and f.type = account.type
where f.user_id = 1

It has the added benefit of not hitting the news_posts table twice.

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Do you mean something like this?

SELECT news_posts.*, users.username FROM news_posts INNER JOIN users ON WHERE news_posts.type='0'
SELECT news_posts.*, servers.title FROM news_posts INNER JOIN servers ON WHERE news_posts.type='1'
) un, Follower f
WHERE un.poster_id=f.following_id

Modified Fiddle:!2/a48f3/3

If this is not what you were looking for, please clarify your requirements.

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That's pretty close but I need news posts returned for all users & servers a specific user follows. Currently it's only where poster_id is same as following_id. I would need a place to specify a user id (current logged in user id) and return all news posts from the servers & users they follow. Hope that makes it a bit clearer? edit: also, it selects everything from both follower table and the union but I only need to select everything from the union as follower table is only for matching news_posts with users. – MCG Feb 27 '13 at 20:00
@MCG - May be you can post the expected result for your fiddle example? – PM 77-1 Feb 27 '13 at 20:07
I'm looking for all News_posts columns (message, type, poster_id) with the union column of the username. I am trying to figure out how to only select News_Posts from Servers and/or other Users which the currently logged in user follows and that is denoted in the follower table. I don't need any follower table information returned as it's only for checking what news_posts to retrieve for each user. edit: query #1 i pasted returns everything I need but it shows ALL the records instead only the ones for servers/users a given follows. – MCG Feb 27 '13 at 20:14

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