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I am new to game programming in android and I had decoded an android game using dex2jar and apktool. When I open assets/images folder I find lots of .tex files there. I renamed those files to .png, .jpg, .gif , .zip (then unzipped) but not worked. I also google out a lot about it but don't getting exact idea how to convert image file to such format and retrive original image during game !

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That's probably not a LaTeX file. Latex files don't contain images, and are a way of describing a document. (Like Microsoft word except using a text language instead of an editor.)

Unfortunately I don't think there is a standard .tex image format, they could be any of a variety of formats. Looking around I've seen some places say they they're just .dds files. And other places say they're a custom format. So it really depends on the game you got them from.

I'd pull it open with a hex editor and do some investigating because as it stands there's really no way to tell from the outside. Alternatively if it's a popular game and you're just after the sprites to play around with, someone has probably already ripped them.

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It's jetpack joyride game from halfbricks ! –  Hardik Thaker Feb 27 '13 at 20:02

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