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I ve made 2 views (one front , one back) and putted them inside another view called contain. I just wanted to make a transition between the two views (front,back) by pressing a button.So i wrote the following code:

  • (IBAction)flip:(id)sender {

    [UIView transitionWithView:_contain

                    if (a == NO) {
                        [_front removeFromSuperview];
                        [_contain addSubview:_back];
                        a = YES;
                    }else if (a == YES){
                        [_back removeFromSuperview];
                        [_contain addSubview:_front];
                        a = NO;


The problem is that the first transition works flawless,but when we reach to then second transition (back to front) the transition takes place but instead of the front view i 've got the blank page of the contain view.And then the transition don't work when i press the button.Any advice?

Thank you.

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