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Suppose I have a table as this:

      A    B

1    12   4.5
2    22   1.7
3    44   3.4
4    17   2.2
5    11   1.9
6    23   2.7

How do I write a command to sum up values of B given a certain range of A? For example, the sum of B values of A range 11-20 would be 4.5 + 2.2 + 1.9 = 8.6 I only want to sum the values for column B which fit into that range of A.

I'm assuming you need a statement which checks if the value of A fits into the range, then mapping that corresponding row to the value of B.

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Try SUMIFS if you have Excel 2007 or later


look like the answer for that is actually 8.6

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The following formula should do the job. It a assumes that the data range is A1:B6, 11 in is B8 and 20 is in B9:


As an array formula, it needs to be entered with the Control-Shift-Enter key combination.

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