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I'm taking my first steps with AngularJS calling an API that would send back a JSON object with the data that I need. I calls the API and takes the response and print it on the HTML, iterating as needed.

But I haven't found a way on the actual Javascript file, to iterate to lets say, group and sum items, or to print the actual values of the JSON to the console.


    angular.module('dashboard', ['ngResource']);
    function DashboardCtrl($scope, $resource) {
        $scope.dailyReports = $resource('',
            {action:'dailyreports', appid:'@appid', begindate:'@begindate', enddate:'@enddate'});

    $scope.loadData = function() {
            $scope.dailyreportsResults = $scope.dailyReports.get({appid:$('#sel-apps').val(), begindate:$('#fecha-inicial').val(), enddate:$('#fecha-final').val()});
//it works!!!!

$scope.iterate = function() {

            for (i=0; i < $; i++){
                    $scope.periodUnits += $[i].units;
                    //It doesnt work :(



ng-repeat="data in"

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks guys!

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Just WHEN are you calling $scope.iterate? The ng-repeat directive will work after the JSON's been loaded, but calling iterate before the data is received will result in an error, or nothing at all! Try using the $resource callbacks - $scope.dailyReports.get({YOURDATA}, function(){callback -call iterate()}) – Tiago Roldão Feb 27 '13 at 20:37
I agree, I don't see where you call the iterate function from. Can you create a JSFiddle for us with this error in it? – James M Feb 27 '13 at 20:47

I'm not sure what your data looks like, but maybe you should be using 'for in' instead of incrementing an array.

$scope.iterate = function() {
  for (x in ${
    $scope.periodUnits += $[x].units;

also, I think your ng-repeat should be attached to an element.

<div ng-repeat="data in">
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