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       struct contact
       char name[20],email[20];
       int hpnum;
   int option;

       int main (void)
    printf("==========Welcome to Jeffery's Contact System Management==========\n");
    printf("\t\t\tContact System Main Menu\n");
    printf("[1] Create a New Contact\n");
    printf("[2] Modified Existing Contact\n");
    printf("[3] Delete Existing Contact\n");
    printf("[4] Search Existing Contact\n");
    printf("[5] Exit\n");
    printf("Please enter one of your option.\n");

        //add new contact
        case 1:
        printf("Contact Name: ");
        printf("\nHandphone Number: ");
        printf("\nE-mail: ");


What's the problem of this coding? I can run it, but once choose no. 1, there haven an error. If my coding is wrong, please inform me. I still a beginner, hope you all can help me in this.

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what's the error? –  Bart Friederichs Feb 27 '13 at 20:21
The error is i left an ampersand of scanf("%d",option); it should be scanf("%d",&option); another problem is the string... it should not be scanf("%s",&add.name); instead of scanf("%s",add.name); because it was a string, so cannot use ampersand in the scanf... –  Leo Jie Hui Feb 28 '13 at 19:14

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You forgot to add ampersand & before option variable.


should be


option is an int, so here need & in scanf.

second: ampersand need to remove before add.name


should be


add.name is a char array we don't need & with %s

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Thanks for the answer...now i having another problem...i changed the code...but there's some problem...can you help me check? Here's the link... stackoverflow.com/questions/15122225/… –  Leo Jie Hui Feb 27 '13 at 20:56

Add a fflush(stdout); between these two statements:

    printf("Contact Name: ");

Same with your other printf statements that don't end with a \n character.

And for information s conversion specifier expects a pointer to char so don't use the & operator and just call scanf("%s", add.name).

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