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I'm trying to use doctrines Paginate class to fetch some tasks.

$qb = $this->getEntityManager()
            ->select('DISTINCT task, priority, company, invoice')
            ->addSelect('priority.id as priority_id')
            ->from('TekniqSD4Bundle:task', 'task')
            ->leftJoin('task.slips', 'slips')
            ->leftJoin('task.comments', 'comments')
            ->leftJoin('task.files', 'files')
            ->leftJoin('task.steps', 'steps')
            ->leftJoin('task.status', 'status')
            ->join('task.invoice', 'invoice')
            ->join('task.priority', 'priority')
            ->join('invoice.company', 'company');

$query = $qb->getQuery()
$paginator = new Paginator($query, true);
foreach($paginator as $task){
    var_dump($task); //this spits out an array containing 1 task

My question is, why is $task an array?

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The selected priority.id in your DQL is causing this problem, since the ORM has to retrieve it as scalar result. Accessing $task[0] should give you fetch-joined task object, while $task['priority_id'] gives you the scalar representing priority.id.

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I didn't even realize that was there, thank you good sir. –  Trololololol Feb 27 '13 at 21:09

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