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This question is primarily for the CloudFoundry developers. Has something changed that would make a client application using spring social unable to use basic client authentication to communicate with my core application hosting an oauth2 provider? When I run the client application on a tomcat server everything works. It also worked on a cloudfoundry microinstance about 2 weeks ago. Now I get a 401 unauthorized error making a call to the service at "../oath/token" on my core application. To see what I am referring to, my application is http://www.metroseattlegamers.com If you click the "Games" link at the top it brings you to a separate application. If you sign in using the application at http://gamerepository.metroseattlegamers.com, the "sign in with metroseattlegamers account" button uses custom spring social code to communicate to my spring oauth2 provider code at http://www.metroseattlegamers.com. That all works fine because it is running on two separate tomcat servers on different machines. However, I tested and wrote everything using cloudfoundry micro instances to run client apps. As I said, it was working about a week or two weeks ago. Now I get a 401 error when I run the client on a cloudfoundry instance. Everything still works great when I run two separate tomcat servers on separate machines. Rather than include a bunch of code, I am just curious if anything has changed with how cloudfoundry microinstances work in the last week or two that may have caused this problem.

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No as far as I know. Would it be possible for you to file a ticket at the official support page: http://support.cloudfoundry.com. There you can get a private agent to assist and maybe share the implementation of your app to further debug. You will need to sign in by the account you registered on www.cloudfoundry.com.

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You are right. Nothing changed. Somehow I missed an environment variable pointing to my production environment while I was testing. It was one of those things where I had been working on the problem too long and could not see the obvious. –  Dean Peterson Mar 5 '13 at 15:21
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