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HTML5 range input, and a rotation plugin jqueryrotate

the thing is i want the image to be rotated as soon as i change the value of the range element i got to change a

element but for some weird reason it doesn't apply to the rotation value

my code :

   <script type="text/javascript">
    $(function() {
    $("#rotationrange").change(function  () {
        var rotationrange = $("#rotationrange").val();
        var angle = rotationrange;


   <img src="assets/imgs/temp.jpg" height="480" width="640" class="rotatebox" />
   <input type="range" name="points" min="-20" max="20" id="rotationrange">
   <p>here</p> degrees

and the out put is that the

elements changes but the rotation never happened

any suggestions ?? maybe other plugin would work ??

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You need to combine

var angle = rotationrange;    


var angle = parseInt(rotationrange, 10);

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ok many thanks... i can't believe i missed that!! – Ali Saleem Feb 27 '13 at 20:53

The problem is with your parseInt line.


parseInt does not alter the value of the variable inside the brackets; it outputs a new value as its return value. Therefore your line above will parse the value as an integer, but will then immediately throw away the result.

What you need to do is use that output, probably to write it back to the rotationrange variable, like this:

rotationrange = parseInt(rotationrange,10);

Hope that helps.

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